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Sallallaho Alyhe Wasalam

BY: Sheikh Rang Illlahi

  • The love of this world is the beginning of all sins.

  • Why should one of you laugh (at another) for what one does oneself.

  • God puts the wrongdoer off for a time, so that when He catches him up, He will spare him.

  • He, who claims what he is not, is not one of us; and let him take his place in the hell fire.

  • The Holy Prophet Sallalaho Alyhe Wasalam seized me (by the hand) and said, "Be thou in this world as though thou wert a stranger, or a passerby on the road, and count thyself among the people of the graves" ( Ibne Umar )

  • The heart of the old man continues to be young in two things, namely, in the love of this world, and in the length of hope.

  • The son of man becomes weak from old age, but two thing grow young in him-----greed for wealth and eagerness for life.

  • The world is the abode of that man who has no abode , and wealth is his who has no wealth and he who puts them together has no wisdom.

  • What I fear most of you are your passion for wealth, your greed, your immodesty and your mischief-making that will lead you astray.

  • Verily, the world is accursed; accursed is that what is therein, except the remembrance of God, and what He loves and the learned man and the learner.

  • The Holy Prophet (SAW) forbade men from walking between two women.

  • Take care that no man sits alone with a woman, unless she be her near relative.

  • A man who is present sees what the absent man sees not.

  • There is no vow in sinful things.

  • A woman is all weakness; so that when she goes out. Stan looks at her with head uplifted.

  • The world is a provision, and the best provision of the world is a virtuous woman.

  • Every man shall only be rewarded on the day of resurrection according to measure of his wisdom.

  • The best of you is he who is the best among you to his wife.

  • When a wicked man is praised, the Lord God is angered,

  • Whoso among you is able to benefit his brother must do it.

  • There is trial for every people, and the trail of my people is by wealth.

  • He who fulfils the wants of any one of my people, desiring to please him, thereby pleases me.

  • Seek me among the weakest of you, for verily ye are helped and given provision only for the weakest among you.

  • If thou have excessive strength, do not injure the weak.

  • The Holy Prophet (SAW) of God forbade plundering and mutilation.

  • When one of you fights, avoid hurting the face.

  • No one shall torment (another) with fire except God.

  • There is no vow but in what the pleasure of God is sought, nor in disregarding (The ties of) kind ship.

  • When ye visit a sick man, wish for him a length of life, for that will please him.

  • An intelligent man is he who contemplates about himself, and acts for what is after death; and he is the weak man who makes his soul follow his lust and desires form God what he fancies.

Note: Above matter extracted from Sher-e-Rabbani Digest.

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