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By: Dr. Syed Adnan Khurshid
Revised by Munir Hussain Mas‘udi, (Birmingham, U.K)1

When the pure light of Islamic literacy and knowledge shadowed by the darkness of so called self-constructed and personal oriented Islam----when the heart and soul of the Muslim Ummah became confused----He one of the most qualified, learned and spiritually strengthened personalities----acted like a guiding star and became the beacon for those who had the thirst to seek the classical knowledge of Islam and for those who wanted to follow the Sirat-i-Mustaqim (the straight path). He was highly respected for his excellent approach and efforts to remove the mask of misconception surrounding the true interpretation of Islam. He was the son of Mufti Shah Muhammad Mazhar Ullah Rahmatullah ‘Alayh, the great Mufti, Khatib and Saint (d.1966 c. e) of Delhi (India).

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed was born in Delhi in 1930 and acquired his education from his father Mufti Muhammad Mazhar Ullah Rahmatullah ‘Alayh and in Madrassa ‘Alia, Delhi and then Oriental College, Delhi. He migrated from India to Pakistan in 1948.  Here in Pakistan he continued his education in different institutions and Colleges, Punjab University (Lahore) and Sindh University, Jamshoro (Hyderabad). Educational and academic career of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed set an example for great achievements. He excelled in all his examinations of M.A. & M.Ed. at Sindh University and was awarded silver and gold medals. He then went on to compile his Ph.D. on the topic of "URDU MAIN QUR’ANI TARAJIM-O-TAFASIR" (Qur’anic translations and exegesis in Urdu) and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from Sindh University, Jamshoro, Hyderabad (Pakistan) in 1971. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan, who was the guide of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed in his Ph.D. research work, writes:-

       "It is my proud privilege to say that he is one of the top-most Research
    Scholars of the country."
    (Hyderabad, Feb.1971)

The Government of Pakistan bestowed upon him the "IZAZ-I-FAZILAT" award in 1992. He has also received awards from Imam Ahmed Raza Research Institute, Karachi in 1991 and from Pakistan Intellectual Forum in 1992.  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed worked as Lecturer, Professor, and Principal,  paper setter, examiner and member of board of studies at Sindh University, Jamshoro; Khairpur University, Khairpur; Punjab University, Lahore etc. He also worked as a paper setter for the Public Service Commission (Sindh); and was also the Guide and Director of Ph.D. students at the University of Karachi and the Khairpur University, Khairpur (Sindh). He retired as Principal Govt. Degree College and Post-Graduate Studies Centre, Sukkur, Sindh (in Grade 20.) in 1992.  Performance of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed (as his ACRS shows) remained excellent throughout his service career.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed started writing Research Papers in 1958 which were then published in leading journals of the sub-continent, thus up-to 1966 he was one of the most read scholars in the sub-Continent in the academic circle as confessed by Khawja Hasan Sani Nizami of Delhi (Monthly Munadi, Delhi, Dec. 1966). Afterwards he started his research on Imam Ahmed Raza--------a neglected Genius of the East. There is no doubt that he removed the shroud of ignorance surrounding the works and personality of Imam Ahmed Raza. He commenced his work on Imam Ahmed Raza in 1970 on a purely research basis and has contributed nearly 30 books on Imam Ahmed Raza, as well as 120 articles, 50 prefaces and numerous introductions of Imam Ahmed Raza up-to 1992. Some important books of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed on Imam Ahmed Raza are listed below: -

  • Fazal-i-Bareilwi Aur Tark-i-Muwalat  (Lahore, 1971)
  • Fazal-i- Bareilvi ‘Ulama-i-Hijaz Ki Nazar Main (Lahore, 1973)
  • Neglected Genius of the East (Karachi, Lahore, South Africa, 1978)
  • Hayaat-i-Maulana Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Bareilvi (Sialkot, 1981)

     (English translation -- The Reformer of the Muslim World)
(Tamil nadu, India, 1995)

  • Hayaat-i-Imam Ahl-i-Sunnat  (Lahore, Karachi, 1981)
  • Ikram-i-Imam Ahmed Raza (Lahore, 1981)
  • Da’ira-i-Ma‘arif-i-Imam Ahmed Raza (Karachi, 1982)
  • Imam Ahmed Raza Aur ‘Alam-i-Islam (Karachi, 1983)
  • Rahbar-o-Rehnuma (Lahore, Karachi, 1986)

     (English translation -- The Saviour Guide and Guidance)
           (Durban, 1989)

  • Tanqidat-o-Ta‘aqubat-i-Imam Ahmed Raza (Lahore, 1988)
  • A’ina-i-Rizviyyat (three volumes) (Karachi, 1989, 1993, 1996)
  • Imam Ahmed Raza Aur ‘Alam-i-Jami‘at (Sadiqabad, 1990)
  • Imam Ahmed Raza Aur Uloom-i-Jadida-o-Qadima  (Lahore, 1990)
  • Muhadith-i-Bareilwi  (Karachi, Lahore, 1993)
  • Intakhab-i-Hada’iq-i-Bakhshish  (Karachi, 1995)
  • Khulafa-i-‘Ala Hazrat (Lahore, 1996)


These thought provoking books on Imam Ahmed Raza by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed brought the personality of Imam Ahmed Raza into the lime light on a global level. A doctoral dissertation can be composed on his research work on Imam Ahmed Raza Muhadis-i-Bareilwi. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed is known as a specialist in Rizviyyat throughout the Sunni world.  He has advised and guided numerous scholars with their research work on Imam Ahmed Raza, such as Dr. Usha Sanyal [Columbia University (U.S.A.)], Dr. Barbra Metcalf [California University (U.S.A.)], Prof. Ghayas-uddin [Birmingham University (U.K.)], Prof. Dr. Majidullah Qadri [Karachi University, Karachi (Pakistan)], Dr. J.M.S. Baljon [Lieden University (Holland)], Dr. Hazim Muhammad Ahmed ‘Abd al-Rahim [Azhar University, Cairo (Egypt)], Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Sadidi [Azhar University, Cairo (Egypt)], Dr. Ghulam Jabir Misbahi [Bihar University, Muzaffarpur (India)], Dr. Ghulam Yahya Misbahi [Hindu University, Varanasi (India)], Dr. Hafiz Abdul Bari Siddiqi [Sindh University, Jamshoro (Pakistan)], Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Saeedi [Karachi University, Karachi (Pakistan)].


As mentioned before, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed enlightened the way of Sirat-i-Mustaqim, he satisfied the confused minds of the Muslim Ummah and it is not wrong to say as the Saint of Qadriyya order Dr. Ali Ahmed Qureshi declared in 1991:-

  “Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed  is the Revivalist of the Fifteenth Century Hijra”

Numerious authentic Ulama-i-Karam and Mashaikh-e-Azzam, accepted the personality of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmad of the Revivalist of the Fifteenth Century Hijra, list of some of them are as follows:

1.Sharf-e-Millat Shaikh ul Hadees Hazrat Allama Abdul Hakeem Sharf Qadri (Lahore)  

1. Fakhar ul Mashaikh Hazrat Sahibzada Mian Jameel Ahmad Sharquri Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (Sajada Nasheen Astana Aliya Shair Rabbani Sharqpur Sharifi

2.Hazrat Allama Moulana Prof. Muhammad Ziauddin Abu Al Kamal Ahmad Shamshi |Tahrani (Tork,India)
2. Hazrat AllamaMoulana Dr. Muhammad Saeed Ahmad.
3. Mufti-e-Azam Hind Hazrat Allama Moulana Dr. Mufti Muhammad Mukaram Ahmad (Shahi Imam and Khateeb Shahi Mosque Fatehpuri, Dehli)
  3.Peer-e-Tariqat Hazrat Allama Moulana Hakeem Jaseemuddin Shah Qauadri.
4.Hazrat Allama Moulana Mufti Muhammad Shareef Saeedi (Mohtamim Darul Alam Jamia Khayaban-e-Mustafa, Mirpurkhas, Sindh).
4.Hazrat Moulana Dr, Ali Qureshi Quadri (Sajjadah Nasheen Astana Aliya Quadriya,Ghousiya, Sadwal;Chakwal, Punjab)
5. Hazrat Allama Moulana Qameruddin Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (Sanam Gunj, Bangladesh)  
5.Peer-e-Tariqat Agha Fazal-e-Rabbi Mujadidi (Khanwada Mujadid Alf Thani Ibn-e-Shah Ghulam Muhammad Agha Mujadidi Farooqui, Karachi.)
6. Hazrat Allama Moulana Abu Al Hassan Muhammad Sultan Ahmad Mas'ud Chishti (Hafizabad, District Gujranwala, Punjab).
6.Peer-e-Tariqat Agha Fazal ul Rahman Mujaddidi (Khanwada Mujadid Alf Thani Ibn-e-Shah Ghulam Muhammad Agha Mujadidi Farooqui, Karachi.)
7. Hazrat Allama Moulana Hakeem Akbar Dars (son of Hazrat Alama Moulana Zahoor ul Hassan Dars, Karachi).
7.Peer-e-Tariqat Niaz Ahmad Naqshbandi,Ashrafi Mujaddidi Karachi.
8.Hazrat Allama Moulana Abul Hamid Mohammad Rafique Durrani GulMohammadio Karachi.
8.Peer-e-Tariqat Hazrat Moulana Khalid Mohammad Khalid Naqshbandi (Khalifa Sahibzada Abu Alkhair Dr. Muhammad Zubair
9.Moulana Manzoor Ali Khan (Dar-ul-Alom Nainiyah)
9.Peer-e-Tariqat Hazrat Prof. Hafiz Syed Maqsood Ali (Khalifa Hazrat Mufti Mehmood Alwari, Karachi)
10. Moulana Mohammad Munir Naqshbandi (son of Qari Abdul WaheedRabani Naqshbandi Bahawalpur,Punjab).
10.Hazrat Peer Agha Nisar Ahmad Jan Sirhandi (Khanwada Mujadid Alf Thani, Mirpurkhan, Sindh).
11.Moulana Qari Noor Muhammad Owasi Quadri (Bahawalpur,Punjab).
11.Peer-e-Tariqat Syed Rasheed ul Sabtain Zaidi (Khalifa Hazrat Allama Moulana Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi, Multan).
12. Mohtarma Makhdoma Faiqah Mujaddidi Sahiba (Bint-e-Hazrat Peer Badar ul MashaikhAgha Fazzal ul Rehman Mujaddidi, Germany).
13. Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Arif (Sadder Deptt. of Urdu Agesten College, Bhawelpur, Punjab
14.Sahibzada Syed Muhammad Tahir Mazhari Mujaddidi (Nazim-ala-Idara-e-Tahqiqat Imam Ahmad Raza, Islamabad)
15.Peer-e-Tariqat Syed Abdul Rauf Shah Bukhari, Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi).

The following books (a new International Series) of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed are proof of his great achievements, especially for the Muslim youth of today: -

  • Eid of Eids [Festivity above all Festivities]
[(Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Khanewal, D.G Khan, Jehlum, Sadiqabad(Pakistan), Delhi, Bareilly, Tamil Nado, Hyderabad(India),       Cape Town, Durban, Mauritius(South Africa), France,  Holland, U.K,  Amman (Jordan), 1993]
  • Knowledge of The Unseen (Karachi, Delhi, South Africa, 1994 )
  • Respect and Reverence (Karachi, Delhi, South Africa, 1994)
  • Spiritual Significance of Affinity (Karachi, Delhi, South Africa, 1994)
  • The Supreme Festival (Karachi, Bareilly, America, Mauritius,1995)
  • The Novelties (Karachi, Delhi, South Africa, 1995)
  • Women and the Veil (Karachi, 1996)
  • Salutation and Adoration (Karachi, 1996)
  • Facial Focus (Karachi, 1996)
  • Sirat-i-Mustaqim (Karachi, 1996)
  • Ibrahim's Prayer (Karachi, 1997)
  • Islamic Economic System (Karachi,1998)
  • Following The Majority (Karachi, 1998)
  • Tolerance (Karachi, 1999)
  • The Soul of Islam (New York, 2004) etc.

The literary works of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed are being translated into various languages such as Arabic, Persian, French, Dutch, English, Pushto, Sindhi, Hindi, Gujrati, and Bengali. These translated books are then distributed throughout the world. These can also be viewed on www.almazhar.com .

Professor Dr.Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmad had Ijaza & Khilafat (permission for initiation of disciples into particular Sufi Orders) in different Sufi Orders.

Spritually his personalitywas enlightened and bestowed by two great saints of Naqshbandiyya order; first of all from his father Mufti-e-Azam Hind Mufti Shah Muhammad Mazharullah Rehmatullah Alayh (Dehli India) and afterwards from his brother-in-law Mufti Muhammad Mehmood Alwari Rahmatullah ‘Alayh (Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan). Moreover Hazrat Bader ul Mashikh Fazal ul Rehman Mujaddidi (Lahore, Punjab Pakistan). also give his Ijaza in Naqshbandid order.

In Quadriya order he had Ijaza and Khilafat from Sheikh Sheikh Syed Zain ul Abideen Quadri (Noorai Shareef,Sindh Pakistan).

In Chistiyah order he had Ijaza and Khilafat from Hazrat Hakeem Syed Ikram Hussin Saykri Alayh al Rehma (Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan).

In Owaisiyah Quadriyah order, he had Ijaza and Khilafat from Allama Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Owaisi (Bhawalpure, Punjab,Pakistan).

It is important to mention that Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmed had also Ijaza and Khilafat from one of the great saint of Madinah Munawwarah; Hazrat Allama Syed Alwi al Mallki Alayh al Rehma. At an event when Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmed met him in Madinah Munawwarah, he quoted from Mas'ud-i-Millat that:

He saw a glipse of attractive Noor at his face,

which he saw very rarly now-a-days.

Hazrat Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmed wasan absolute level of Saint (Wali-e-Kamil), above mentioned Ijaza& Khilafat and his whole life is the prove of it.

His father Mufti Shah Muhammad Mazharullah Rehmatullah Alayh (Dehli, India) also given Ijaza (permission) of Wazaif and analiyat of Mazhariya Mas'udiyah order from (Hassan Hyssain).

Moreover Khawajah Muhammad Sadiq Siddiqui (Gulhar, Azad Kashmir) also give Ijaza of wazaifand recitingh the dalail-ul-Khaiyrat Sharif. Mufti Shah Muhammad Mazharullah Rehmatullah 'Alayh was Shahi Khatib of Fatehpuri Mosque, Delhi, India. Hazrat Mas'ud-i-Millat wrote extensively regards on his great father and the following books on Mufti Muhammad Mazharullah Rahmatullah 'Alayh have been compiled:-

  • Mawa‘iz-i-Mazhari  (Karachi, 1969)
  • Fatawa-i-Mazhari   (Karachi, 1970)
  • Hayat-i-Mazhari (Karachi, 1974)
  • Makatib-i-Mazhari (Vol.1, Karachi, 1969----Vol.1&2, Karachi, 1999)

Prof. Dr.  Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed also wrote on the great Saint of the Naqshbandiyya order Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani Rahmatullah ‘Alayh: -

  • Seerat-i-Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani (Karachi, 1976)
  • Hadrat Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani Haalat ,Afkar aur Khidmat (Karachi, 1995)
  • The Influence of Shaykh Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani on Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (Karachi, 1996)
  • Mujaddidi-i-Hazara-i-Doam (Karachi, 1997)

A huge collection of research papers/articles on Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani  was compiled under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed under the auspices of Imam-i-Rabbani Foundation, Karachi with the title of  “Jahan-i-Imam-i-Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani” in eleven volumes which have been published.

The respected Professor has also written on a diverse range of topics concerning Islamic ideology, some of his great works are: -

  • Shah Muhammad Ghaus Gawaliyari (Mirpurkhas,      1964)
  • Mauj-i-Khayal (Karachi, Bombay, 1977)
  • Tahrik-i-Azadi-i-Hind Aur Al-Sawad Al-Azam (Lahore, 1979)
  • Muhabat Ki Nishani (Karachi, Allahabad, 1980)
  • Adab-aur-Bey Adabi (Karachi, Lahore, 1984)
  • Aakhiri Paigham (Karachi, Peshawar, 1986)
  • Jashan-i-Baharan (Karachi, Lahore, 1988)
  • Jan-i-Janan (Karachi, 1989)
  • Jan-i-Iman (Lahore, 1989)
  • Murad-i-Rasul (Lahore, 1992)
  • Qayamat (Karachi, 1992)
  • Jan-i-Jaan (Karachi, 1993)
  • Maktubat-i-Qazi Ahmed (Karachi, 1997)
  • Tasawwar-i-Pakistan (Karachi, 1999). 

Many scholars of international fame have paid homage to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed and expressed excellent views about his academic and spiritual career. Yes! He is the personality on which separate research work is required. Al-Hamd-u-Lillah Dr. Ijaz Anjum Latifi of Manzar-i-Islam, Bareilly has completed his doctoral thesis on Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed from Bihar University (India) and was awarded his Ph.D. degree. The thesis has been published from Karachi (Pakistan) in 2003. Also Prof. Nabila Ishaq Choudry (Dept. of Urdu, Jami’ ‘Ayn al-Shams, Cairo) wrote an article on Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed, which was published from Cairo in 1999.  Prof. Dr. Hazim Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahfooz Al-Misry (Dept. of Urdu languages and translations, Al-Azhar University, Cairo) has started compiling a series of four books on the life and achievements of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed in the memory of the completion of seventy years of his age.  The following scholars and writers have written biographies on him, which have been published: -

  • Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Arif, Tazkar-i-Mas‘ud [Appendix of Seerat-i-Mujaddid Alf-i-Thani (Karachi,1976, p.429-472)]
  • R.B. Mazhari, Jahan-i-Mas‘ud  (Karachi, 1985)
  • Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir, Manzil-ba-Manzil  (Hyderabad, 1991)
  • Ibid, Takhasusat-i-Mas‘udi-i-Millat  (Lahore, 1994)
  • Ibid, Mas‘ud-i-Millat Aur Rizwiyyat (Karachi, 1994)
  • Dr. Ijaz Anjum Latifi, Dr. Mas‘ud Ahmed Hayat Aur Ilmi Aur Adabi Khidmat  [(Bihar University, Muzaffarpur, India, 1997) (Karachi, 2002)]
  • Muhammad Masroor Ahmed, Masood-i-Millat Kay Athar-i-Ilmiyya (Karachi, 1997)
  • Prof. Nabila Ishaq Choudry, Imam Ahmed Riza Aur Mas‘ud-i-Millat (Cairo, Egypt, 1999)
  • Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir, Tizkar-i-Mas‘ud-i-Millat (Lahore, 1999)
  • Dr. Abdul Naeem Azizi, Dr. Muhammad Mas‘ud Ahmed Ki Urdu Nasr Khidmat (Karachi, 2000)
  • Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir, Maktubat-i-Mas‘udi (Letters of Condolence), (Karachi, 2002)
  • Dr. Mufti Muhammad Mukarram Ahmed, Fazila al-Daktur Muhammad Masood Ahmed, Lamhat ‘An Hayatihi Wa Atharihi(Arabic) (Delhi, 2003)
  • Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir, Maktubat-i-Mas‘udi, Two volumes (Karachi, 2004)

Hazrat Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud |Ahmadbecome the light of Islam and revive the spirit of Islam in fifteenth centuary. He keep on working for the benefit of Muslim Ummah in his whole life. He revives salamdirectly from Roza-i-Rasool and finally at 22 Rabi ul Sani 1429 hijri accordingly 28th April 2008 on Monday,he left us in tracking the path of 'Dar-ul-Baqa'. His shrine in Karachi is the centre of souyrceof spritual inspiration. May Allah rest his soul in peace (Ameen).


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