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Bullit Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa
Bullit Khwaja Baqi Billah
Bullit Shaykh Ahmed Sirhindi
Bullit Hazrat Syed Imam Ali Shah
Bullit Hazrat Faqih-ul-Hind Muhammad Mas'ud Muhadis Dehelvi
Bullit A'la Hazrat Imam Ahmed Riza Khan Bareilvi
Bullit Mufti-i-Azam Shah Muhammad Mazharallah
Bullit Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mas'ud Ahmed

Idara-i-Mas�udia was founded in 1992 under the patron-ship of Prof. Dr Muhammad Mas�ud Ahmed Son of Great Mufti Shah Muhammad Muzharullah (d.1386 Ah/ 1966 c.e) His great grand-father, was a great Mufti, Saint and Savant of Naqshbandi order and jurist of Sunni Hanafi school of thought namely Mufti Muhammad Mas�ud Shah Muhadith-i-Dehlvi (d.1309 ah/ 1892 c.e) who was Khatib and Imam at Jamia Masjid Fatehpuri, Delhi (date of construction 1060.ah / 1650 c.e).

The simple aim and object of Idara-i-Mas�udia is to publish the books, treatises and research papers on different current Islamic topic in the light of Holy Quran and Holy Traditions impartially and with full references and make the publications translated in different languages of the world and the sub continent. Idara-i-Mas�udia has published the books treatises, research papers etc, in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, French, Bangla, Gujrati, Sindhi, and Pushto etc.

Idara-i-Mas�udia has published hundred of books, treatises and research papers etc, more than two lakhs during the twelve years (1992-2004) which has been imparted in Asia, Africa, Europe, United States of America and Middle East. Idara-i-Mas�udia sales its publication on reasonable prices and whatever profit is earned, reinvested in the publication of books. Not a single penny goes into the pocket of any related person of Idara-i-Mas�udia. Publications are provided to deserving students from Zakat fund within Pakistan and abroad. Students pertaining to abroad may have the publications through their own agencies only after submitting authority letter from responsible person of the institutes for being deserved from Zakat fund.

The publication of Idara-i-Mas�udia is being welcomed throughout the world. Scholars, institutes of other cities and countries are editing and publishing the literature of Idara-i-Mas�udia with its permission.

Philanthropists / Publishers of Pakistan and other countries may publish or get translated the publications of Idara-i-Mas�udia with its Permission.

� Mufti Azam Shah Muhammad Muzharullah (Delhi-INDIA)
� Shah Abu al-Khair Farooqi Mujadidi (Delhi-INDIA)
� Prof. Dr Muhammad Masood Ahmed (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Abu al-Suroor Muhammad Masroor Ahmed (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Maulana Muhammad Jawaid Iqbal Mazhari (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Prof. Dr. Majeedullah Qadri (Karachi, PAKISTAN)
� Iqbal Ahmed Qadri (Karachi, PAKISTAN)
� Maulana Muhammad Abdul Sattar Tahir (Lahore-PAKISTAN)
� Qazi Abd al-Salam Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (Jehlum-PAKISTAN)
� Late Dr. Muhammad Haroon (U.K)
� Dr. A.A Goldass (U.S.A)
� Chawdhry Rahmat Ali (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Mr. Farooque Yusuf Zai (Karachi-PAKISTAN)


� Dr. Mufti Muhammad Mukarram Ahmed (Delhi-INDIA)
� Mr. M. Ghizal Khan (Delhi-INDIA)
� Prof. Rahmatullah (Karalla-INDIA)
� Dr. Abdul Naeem Azizi (Bareilly-INDIA)
� Sheikh Iftikhar Ahmed (Mubarakpur-INDIA)
� Prof. M. Ziya al-Din Kazmi Shamsi Tehrani (INDIA)
� Mr. As�ad Aziz (Indore-INDIA)
� Miss Rubina Aziz (Indore-INDIA)
� Prof. F.M. Sheikh (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Justice Qadeer Ahmed Qureshi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Mr. Munir Iqbal Mas�udi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Prof. Hafiz Abdul Bari Siddique (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Late Haji Muhammad Younus Bari (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Qazi Abd al-Manan Naqshbandi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Mr. Jahangir Mas�udi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Allama Maulana Muhammad Zakirullah Naqshbandi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Sahibzada Zubair Ahmed Mujaddadi (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Sahibzada Agha Sohail Ahmed Mujaddidi (Karachi, Pakistan)
� Mrs. Raffia (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Mrs. Sa�ima Faisal (Karachi-PAKISTAN)
� Mrs. Fatima Tahir Mas�udi (Lahore-PAKISTAN)
� Dr. Inam al-Haq Kausar (Quetta-PAKISTAN)
� Prof. Nisar Ahmed Jan Sirhindi (Mirpurkhas, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Prof. Quddus Ahmed Jan Sirhindi (Mirpurkhas, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Late Prof. Dr Zain uddin Siddique (Sukkar, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Maulana Sakhi Muhammad Mahran Sikandari (Sanghar, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Maulana Abdul Razzaque Sikandari (Sanghar, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Mr. Abdul-Rahim Ghamro (Sukkur, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Maulana Muhammad Mumin Rizawi (Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Mian Fazl al-Rahim Faiz (Sanghar, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Dr. Ghulam Rasool Magsi (Sakrand, Sindh-PAKISTAN)
� Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Sadidi (Lahore-PAKISTAN)
� Prof. Bahja al-Habashina (Oman-JORDAN)
� Dr. Muhammad Arif Naushahi (Tehran-IRAN)
� Maulana Abdul Rehman Naeemi (IRAN)
� Syed Fakhruddin Owasi (Durban-SOUTH AFRICA)
� Mr. Mas�ud Ahmed Ashrafi (New York-USA)

The numbers of our translators and authors are more than 50 in numbers.

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